Massachusetts Go Association
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Quarterly MGA Tournament

The Massachusetts Go Association sponsors four regular AGA-rated tournaments per year. Following tournament dates are currently scheduled for 2016:

Novices are welcome! Enter at 20 kyu and see how you do. Please contact the Tournament Director (see below) if you have any questions.

Membership in the AGA is required and available during registration or ahead of time at the AGA website: Membership in a foreign Go association is an acceptable substitute.

go board LOCATION: The tournament will be held at the Boylston Chess Club:
40 Norris Street
Cambridge, MA 02140

Note this is a new address! From the Davis Square T stop's Holland Street exit walk Walk past the Somerville Theater, then down Dover Street, cross Mass Ave. Norris is two short blocks to your right. Parking on the street is free on Sunday.

PRIZES: $100 in prizes for the first 3 placements:

ENTRY FEE: The entry fee is $20 for Massachusetts Go Association members and $25 for non-members.

You can submit the entry fee via PayPal. Please remember however that your walk-in registration or email pre-registration (see below) are still required.

If you are a MGA member, please use this button:

If you are NOT a MGA member, please use this button:

PRE-REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: If you email the Tournament Director (see below) more than 24 hours in advance of the tournament to let us know of your intention to play in the tournament, you will receive a $5 discount. The email must include the full name of the player - enough for the TD to be able to locate the player (or not) on the AGA membership roster. It is helpful but not essential for the pre-registration email to also include the player's AGA ID and the rank at which s/he intends to play.

Pre-registrants still have to stop at the registration desk on tournament day to pay the entrance fee and confirm their playing rank, so pre-registrants still have to show up well before 10:15am. Any pre-registrant who has not shown up by the time the TD does the pairings will simply be deleted from the pre-registrant list. If such a person shows up late s/he will have to take a bye on the first game, unless there's an odd number of players and s/he's only a little late.

WALK-IN REGISTRATION: Walk-in registration begins at 9:45 AM. Play begins at 10:30 AM. Come in early, register and catch up with friends or get in a warm-up game.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR (TD): Eva Casey (eva Email or 617-571-1421 or 617-666-8934)


We are looking for a Backup Tournament Director. While the primary TD runs a majority of the tournaments and their functions, the Backup TD has the following limited responsibilities:

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a Backup TD: While familiarity with Go is helpful, expertise is not required. We offer one-on-one training upon request (only takes an hour). Complete TD-process instructions are online as well (at

If you are interested to hear more, please contact the primary TD listed above.

RULES: There are four rounds. Games are handicapped according to the AGA rank. Playing by the Japanese rules. Each player gets 45 minutes main time plus unlimited 5/25 byo-yomi periods after the main time (5 minutes for 25 moves).


Following is the list of past tournament winners:

Tournament First Place Second Place Third Place
2016 Fall Ming Li, 5d
Dan Schmidt, 3k
Graham Higgins, 5k
Mark Nahabedian, 12k
Colin McMillen 12k
2016 Summer Mark Huang, 4d David Halperin, 8k Mark Nahabedian, 12k
2016 Spring Pete Schumer, 2k Neil Ritter, 5k Fred Wardwell, 9k
2016 Winter Eva Casey, 5k,
Chris White, 3k
William Luff, 4d
2015 Fall William Luff, 4d
Timothy Holman, 17k
Chialing Chan, 4k
2015 Summer Stephen Hu, 4d
Titi Alailima, 5k
Joseph Resch, 3d
2015 Spring Richard Ma, 5d
Alfred Brewer, 6k
Doug Frantz, 12k
2015 Winter Andrew Hall, 1k Ben Cheney, 3k Fanni Li, 12k
2014 Fall
Section A
Alex Panaccione, 1d
Eric Tillberg, 4k
David Cho, 3d
2014 Fall
Section B
Milan Mladenivic, 6k
Brandan Williams, 18k
Jacob Zhang, 20k
2014 Summer David Cho, 2d Pete Schumer, 2k Brandan Williams, 2k
Alex Linden, 11k
2014 Spring Wang Ma, 6d Shawn Ligocki, 8k Steven Wu, 4d
2014 Winter Alex Panaccione, 1k Graham Higgins, 5k Eric Tillberg, 6k
2013 Fall Steven Wu, 4d John Uckele, 10k Chia Chan, 5k
2013 Summer Kan Yao, 5d Tiantian Yuan, 3d Jason McGibbon, 3k
Giancarlo Feula, 7k
2013 Spring Gus Heck, 1k Michael Sun, Kan Yao
2013 Winter Jason Clancy, 6k Elliot Stern, 7k Alex Linden, 12k
2012 Fall John Kerpan, 1d Mark Nahabedian, 13k Chia Chan, 5k
2012 Summer Xihan Zhang, 2d Jason McGibbon, 4k Makio Ogawa, 5k
2012 Spring Steven Wu, 3d Eric Osman, 2d Eva Casey, 4K
Ralph St. Louis 8k
2012 Winter Cole Pruitt, 2k Ralph St. Louis, 9k Chia Chan, 6k
2011 Fall Ralph St. Louis, 10k Steven Wu, 2d Jason McGibbon, 4k
2011 Summer Matthew Crumb, 3k Eric Osman, 2d John Aspinall, 3k
2011 Winter Becci Torrey, 1d Gus Heck, 2k
Doug Frantz, 12k
Laura Wu, 12k
2010 Fall Pete Schumer, 2k Jed Strohm, 8k Becci Torrey, 1d
2010 Summer Jianping Wang, 3d Graham Higgins, 6k Brian Lee, 1k
Pete Martin, 4k
2010 Spring Trevor Morris, 7d Pete Martin, 4k Matt Mallory, 1k
2010 Winter Haijiang Peng, 2d Doug Franz, 12k Eric Reid, 4k
Special Event
Dec 6th, 2009
Eva Casey, 4k Brian Lee and Graham Higgins
2009 Fall John Chamberlain, 1d David Saxner, 1d Pete Schumer, 2k
2009 Summer La Li, 3d David Kahn, 9k David Spitz, 4k
2009 Spring Eric Osman, 2d Ben Timms, 7k Tuny Nguyen, 11k
2009 Winter Jack Cary, 6k David Kahn, 9k Wanda Metcalf, 4k
2008 Fall Philip Nutzman, 7k Marty Spector, 1d Victor Liang, 8k
Pete Schumer, 2k
Yuanliang Chu, 4d
2008 Summer Joseph Chen, 16k Yuanliang Chu, 2d Eric Reid, 4k
2008 Spring Gus Heck, 3k Tu Nguyen, 10k Adam Luter, 3k
2008 Winter David Spitz, 6k Sam Huang, 15k Gus Heck, 3k
2007 Fall Mark Irgang, 8k Sam Huang, 16k Doug Frantz, 12k
2007 Summer Eric Reid, 4k Robert Huxtable, 6k Pete Martin, 8k
2007 Spring Alvin Sanchez, 12k Wanda Metcalf, 4k Jing Wei Ling, 4d
2007 Winter David Gurevich, 1d
Alex Borland, 7k
Edward Faulkner, 16k
2006 Fall John Aspinall, 4k David Kahn, 11k Alex Henzel, 5k
2006 Summer David Gurevich, 3k Chuck Robbins, 4d
Deren Dohoda, 5k
Ed Gillis, 2d
Pete Martin, 12k
2006 Spring Lim Jing, 3d David Kahn, 12k Tim Button, 16k
2006 Winter Marty Spector, 2k Deren Dohoda, 9k Andrew Hall, 1k
2005 Fall Gus Heck, 8k Jie Liang, 7d Andrew Hall, 1k
2005 Summer Matt Mallory, 2k Thomas Lui, 6k Thomas Tanayo, 3k
2005 Spring Wai Cheung Man, 8k Gang Tang, 3k Mike Tobias, 10k
2005 Winter Jinsung Yoo, 5d Chuck Robbins Chris Garlock
2004 Fall
Upper Band
Shuhua Wu, 2k Guizhong Yao, 4d Becci Torrey, 2k
2004 Fall
Lower Band
Siming Lui, 5k Wai Cheung Man, 12k Jennifer Wu, 9k
2004 Summer Yu Zhong, 4d
Doug Frantz, 13k
Sal Gionfriddo, 2k
2004 Spring
Upper Band
David Lin, 3d Ke Lu, 4d Chris Papazian, 1d
2004 Spring
Lower Band
Shuhua Wu, 4k Alexander Schwartz, 15k Roland Crowl, 5k
Robert Thau, 4k
2004 Winter Walther Chen, 2k Gus Heck, 8k Jinsung Yoo, 5d
Evan Morse, 10k
2003 Fall Bob Hearn, 1k Won Kim, 5d Eric Reid, 3k
2003 Summer
7k-7d section
Mike Van Wie, 2k Greg Lefler, 1d Roland Crowl, 6k
2003 Summer
25k-8k section
Gus Heck, 8k
William Baretsky, 15k
Jeremiah Parry-Hill, 16k
2003 Spring Jinsung You, 1k Jeffrey Miller, 8k
John Kraemer, 13k
2003 Winter
5k-5d section
Gregory Lefler, 3k John Chamberlain, 4k Won Kim, 5d
2003 Winter
22k-6k section
Susan Scott, 21k Leif Gerjuoy, 13k
Gregory Rosenblatt, 16k
2002 Fall Jin Chen, 5d Gregory Lefler, 4k Julien Duquesnay, 16k
2002 Summer Jie Liang, 7d Matt Greenberg, 9k Chris Papazian, 6k
2002 Spring Ben Shisler,3d Gus Heck, 8k Won Kim, 5d
Alex Henzel, 4k
2002 Winter Douglas Zhang,6d
Daniel Dvinov, 10k
  John Aspinall, 5k
2001 Fall Nathan Curtis, 17k Bob Hearn, 2k Won Kim, 5d
2001 Summer Ding Liang, 4d David Kahn, 15k Mark Ma, 3d
2001 Spring Jean-Philippe Estradier, 8k Won Kim, 5d Eric Nelson, 14k
2001 Winter Rich Chalmers, 1d
Alex Hezel, 6k
  David Khan, 16k
2000 Fall Michael Vaughn, 4k Dave Mallon, 4d Won Kim, 5d
2000 Summer Sang Lee, 6d Scott Armstrong, 11k Rick Hubbell, 6d
2000 Spring Eric Osman, 2d Gus Heck, 12k David Mallon, 4d
2000 Winter Rich Chalmers, 1k
Roland Crowl, 6k
  Bob Hearn, 3k
1999 Fall Kirby Huget, 9k Ben Shisler, 3d Eva Casey, 3k
1999 Summer Eric Reid, 3k Shinichiro Tomioka, 6d David Kahn, 20k
1999 Spring Doug Frantz, 12k Grace Gao, 3d Michael Vaughn, 4k
1999 Winter Rich Chalmers, 2k Dan Hewins, 4d
Bill Arrand, 2k
Bill Witthoft, 5k
1998 Fall David Morell, 3k Jim Bonvouloir, 4k Jean-Philippe Estradier, 8k
1998 Summer Gabriel Ostriker, 12k Don Wiener, 6d Eric Osman, 2d
1998 Spring Jean-Philippe Estradier, 12k Ben Shisler, 3d Peter Schumer, 3k
1998 Winter Dave Herman, 3d
Bill Witthoft, 6k
  Won Kim, 5d
1997 Fall Michael Vaughn, 4k Lukas Biewald, 1k David Mallon, 4d
David Morell, 5k
1997 Summer Xu Limin, 2d
Alex Henzel, 5k
  Won Kim, 5d
1997 Spring Keith Crews, 3d David Morell, 8k Bill Holden, 5k
1997 Winter Eva Casey, 3k Kim Dae Yol, 6d Andreu Cabré, 3d
1996 Fall Don Wiener, 6d John Small, 9k Bruce Swift, 1k
Wanda Metcalf, 3k
1996 Summer Geoff Hopcraft, 10k Dave Herman, 2d Hugh Albright, 3k
1996 Spring David Lin, 3d Robert Ursiny, 7k
Roland Crowl, 8k
1996 Winter Keith Crews, 3d J.T. Hwang, 5k John Small, 14k
1995 Fall Robert Ursiny, 13k Don Wiener, 6d Dave Herman, 2d
Bill Holden, 4k
1995 Summer Andreu Cabré, 2d
Paul Mitchell, 5k
  Robert Ursiny, 14k
1995 Spring
Upper Band
Cesar Sanchez, 4d Bob Barber, 1k Bruce Swift, 2k
Lower Band Tom Deckert, 4k Robert Ursiny, 15k John Small, 18k
1995 Winter
Upper Band
Yinghong Cheng, 2d Steve Parrott, 4d Eric Reid, 2k
Lower Band Bill Merriam, 8k Robert Ursiny, 16k Art McGrath, 4k
1994 Fall David Mallon, 3d
Tom Deckert, 5k
  David Carlton, 4k
1994 Summer Ben Shisler, 2d
David Carlton, 5k
  Eric Osman, 2d
1994 Spring Bogdan Dobrescu, 3d
Bill Holden, 6k
  Dae Yol Kim, 6d
Ben Shisler, 1d
1994 Winter Pierre Colmez, 6d Bill Merriam, 10k Mitchell Mondino, 4k
Mark Cassidy, 12k
1993 Fall Pierre Colmez, 6d Bill Merriam, 11k Rick Rush, 5k
1993 Summer Keith Crews, 2d David Carlton, 6k David Mallon, 3d
1993 Spring Bill Merriam, 12k Bogdan Dobrescu, 2d Wanda Metcalf, 4k
1993 Winter Shinya Higashi, 2d John Ray, 4k Wei-Jia Su, 2d
1992 Fall Bill Saltman, 1k Art McGrath, 6k John Ray, 4k
1992 Summer Franklin Pierce, 1k Ben Shisler, 1k Edward Frelhich, 5d
1992 Spring Bob Kamsler, 3d Cliff Harrison, 4k Tony Flanders, 2k
1992 Winter Dan Hewins, 1d Dennis Klockow, 6k David Mallon, 3d
1991 Fall Yutaka Aiyama, 6d Rick Rush, 10k Wei-Jia Su, 2d
Alex Henzel, 10k
1991 Summer Bob Kamsler, 3d
Ben Shisler, 5k
  Eric Osman, 2d
Ron Maartmann-Moe, 9k
1991 Spring Che-Fn Yu, 4d Roger Hjulstrom, 4k Keith Crews, 2d
Graham Higgins, 7k
1991 Winter Keith Crews, 2d
Bill Holden, 8k
  David Mallon, 3d
1990 Fall
Upper Band
Che-Fn Yu, 2d Wei-Jia Su, 1d Zhuo-Ru Ding, 5d
Lower Band Michael Hutchings, 7k Graham Higgins, 8k Ben Shisler, 8k
1990 Summer David Herman, 1d Mitchell Mondino, 5k Mac Emshwiller, 8k
Jeff Loomis, 13k
1990 Spring
Upper Band
David Herman, 1d Bob Myers, 3d Bill Saltman, 1k
Lower Band Peter Richterich, 7k Dennis Klockow, 8k Roger Hjulstrom, 5k
1990 Winter Bruce Wilcox, 5d Zhuo-Ru Ding, 5d
Bill Saltman, 2k
Mitchell Mondino, 5k
1989 Fall
Upper Band
Fred Hahn, 4d Anthony Ku, 2k Hwa-Pyng Tseng, 5d
Bob Kamsler, 3d
Lower Band Wanda Metcalf, 5k Paul Howard, 11k Craig Cleaveland, 5k
1989 Summer
Upper Band
Dan Hewins, 1k Sam Shinn, 2d Skip Ascheim, 3d
Brad Jones, 1d
Lower Band Roger Hjulstrom, 6k Ara Charder, 11k Peter Norman, 8k
1989 Spring Jun Shimazaki, 6d
Michael Cavallo, 15k
  Steve Parrott, 3d
1989 Winter Riki Tomoyoshi, 5d
Steven Miller, 7k
  Bill Holden, 9k
1988 Fall Duncan Brown, 14k Don Wiener, 6d Shmuel Halevi, 6k
1988 Summer Minoru Amadera, 1d David Osgood, 5k Phil Peterson, 2k
1988 Spring Phil Peterson, 3k Norm Pederson, 5k Steve Parrott, 3d
1988 Winter Tony Flanders, 3k
Peter Norman, 11k
  Bruce Wilcox, 5d
1987 Fall Bruce Swift, 5k Zhuo-Ru Ding, 4d Skip Ascheim, 3d
1987 Summer Pim Van Dijken, 1d Laurent Zibaut, 8k Don Wiener, 5d
1987 Spring Don Wiener, 5d Bevin Brett, 14k Wanda Metcalf, 7k
1987 Winter Don Wiener, 5d Phil Straus, 2k Eric Osman, 1k
Dave Brown, 8k
1986 Fall Don Wiener, 5d Kiri Naiman, 2k Eva Casey, 4k
1986 Summer Don Wiener, 5d Skip Ascheim, 3d Phil Peterson, 3k
1986 Spring Don Wiener, 5d
Paul Howard, 13k
  Henry Leung, 1d
1985 Fall Keith Crews, 1k Phil Peterson, 3k Ed Wallner, 5k
1985 Spring Jonathan Buss, 11k Keith Crews, 1k Wanda Metcalf, 9k
1984 Fall Dan Weise, 6k Eva Casey, 4k Masa Kageyama, 1k
1984 Spring Laura Yedwab, 3k Henry Leung, 1k Don Wiener, 5d
Skip Ascheim, 3d
Wanda Metcalf, 9k
1983 Fall Micah Feldman, 2d Steve Cahill, 10k Roy Zito-Wolf, 5k
1983 Spring Skip Ascheim, 3d
Micah Feldman, 2d
  Don Wiener, 5d
1982 Fall Keith Crews, 3k Bob Kamsler, 3d Steve Cahill, 15k
1982 Spring Don Wiener, 5d Roger Tucker, 6k Keith Crews, 3k
1981 Spring Bruce Wilcox, 5d Rone Hubbard, 4k Skip Ascheim, 3d
Preston Bush, 2k