Massachusetts Go Foundation

The Massachusetts Go Foundation (MGF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2019 to facilitate outreach efforts of the Mass Go community. We partner with the Massachusetts Go Association (MGA) to onboard all whom are interested in learning the game of Go, but primarily work with youth through schools, after-school programs, and community groups. 

Our top priorities are:

  • Environment. We have built, maintain, and continue to improve an effective and enjoyable learning environment for beginners. The student journey begins with a 1-hour workshop with our education director Milan Mladenovic who introduces Go in context of its long history and world-wide community; is followed by an 8-week course where you learn the rules and start to play; and continues indefinitely with league and tournament play that encourages learning through game reviews with our teachers and strong guest players. The journey prepares students to play in friendly and competitive events organized by the greater Go community.

  • Outreach. We believe Go will spread like wildfire in MA if we can figure out how to meaningfully connect people to the game and community in a systematic way. Our current thinking on how to do this best has us working with local organizers to build custom-fit programs for communities that naturally see new people on a regular basis, e.g. schools, after-school programs, and community youth groups. 

You can both learn more and support us on our blog at

If you have any questions or are a member of a community that might be interested in fielding a class, shoot us an email at! 

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