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The MGA was established in 1975 and is still currently active today. We host zoom and discord meetings online, as well as in person events at the Cambridge public library for chatting and casual club matches. Visit our Meet up page to find all our community events.

If you are new to the game, we have a signup sheet for beginner classes, and workshops here.

Or if you are looking to compete and learn from high level dan players, we also host a League for beginner and intermediate players here.

Other places to find MGA services, events, and community members to chat with are here:

Discord: Join our discord, for live chat, announcements, request for reviews, and zoom links for weekly events.

Online Go Server (OGS): You can find many of us online in the MGA group on OGS.

Facebook: Like our page, and check back for updates.

YouTube: high level dan players review our MGF league, Check them out here on our communal YouTube.

Patreon: For our intro workshops, beginner classes, and league our instructors do get compensated for their time, so please consider donating to our Patreon, it is not mandatory, the MGF is a nonprofit organization, but it is appreciated.

The Massachusetts Go Association is an active chapter of the American Go Association, the main organizing body for Go in the US.  The AGA maintains a rating system for US Go Players, and AGA membership is required to play in any AGA-rated tournaments or games. When you join the AGA, please specify the Massachusetts Go Association (spelled out) as your club, and we receive a portion of your membership dues to help us cover the cost of Meetup, Zoom, etc.

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